What if your pet was lost or stolen?

Having your pet microchipped helps local clinics and shelters reunite you with your lost or stolen pet.  We use the 134kHz Home Again anti-migration microchip technology for safe and reliable identification of your pet.

An annual exam and staying current on vaccinations are keys to the well being of your pet.

Annual exams and lab tests appropriate for the age of your pet are a help for early detection of diseases that can affect both your pet as well as zoonoses contagious to pet owners.  Modern vaccines are no longer required to be given as often as in the past, but still remain essential in protecting them from life threatening  illnesses.

Crate Training Article

Far too many potentially good pets are misunderstood, unfairly punished, isolated, abused, or simply “gotten rid of” by otherwise kind and well-meaning owners who are unable to prevent, control, or live with the common “problem” behavior of puppies and young adult dogs. The correct use of dog crate could give many of these innocent animals the chance they need, and deserve, to spend their lives as the appreciated pet of a satisfied owner.     read more


Top Ten Flea Myths

Think you know about fleas and their impact on your pet? Read these common myths to test your knowledge.     read more


House Breaking Your Dog

Housetraining your dog will be quicker and easier if you keep two principals in mind: Principle #1: reward your dog every time she eliminates in the right place and Principle #2: prevent her from making mistakes.     read more


Getting off to a Purrfect Start with your new Cat

To be at their best, cats have some basic needs; providing them will help ensure your cat’s long-term health and welfare. To help you “get off on the right foot “ with your new cat, we have provided descriptions of what an “ideal” house might include. Your cat might not need all these features to get along, but making your house more “cat friendly” will ensure that you and your new cat enjoy each other’s company for years to come.   read more     See: The Indoor Pet Initiative